Restrictions on Public Remarks and Supplements

Public Remarks Rule Includes Buyer Incentives

Public Remarks may include incentives provided by the seller to the buyer specifically related to the property that are in compliance with HUD regulations/guidelines and seller contribution limits. Remarks of a promotional nature continue to be prohibited. Incentives cannot include a third party or third party reference. Please review our list of examples of acceptable and unacceptable incentives (pdf) to include in Public Remarks. If you are uncertain about including a particular incentive in your Public Remarks, please contact the Rules & Regulations Department at 651-251-3210.

The purpose of the Public Remarks field is to provide information about the listed property to agents and potential buyers. When entering the Public Remarks for your listings, it’s important to only describe the physical traits of the property for sale and its vicinity.

Media Uploads

The Rule and its Purpose The purpose for Media Uploads is to provide a means of adding additional photos (jpg format), documents (pdf, rtf and txt format) such as inspection reports or supplemental information about the property, and URL links to virtual tours for other agents and potential buyers. Any media uploaded to your listings (including URLs to virtual tours, school district information, crime statistics, etc.) must describe the physical traits of the property for sale and/or its vicinity. You may not include any agent or broker promotion including a URL, phone number, email address, etc. If you link to a virtual tour, that virtual tour must only include information about the property. You may not include any sort of agent or broker promotional information. You may not link out to any Web site other than a virtual tour.

Fines for Violations For an agent’s first violation, the broker will be fined $100. For a second violation by the same agent, the fine will be $500. Subsequent violations by the same agent are fined double the amount of the previous fine.