Rules and Regulations


NorthstarMLS® is responsible for fairly enforcing MLS rules and regulations for all NorthstarMLS® participants. MLS rules compliance is important to our business:

  1. Ensures the offer of compensation, making sure you get paid.

  2. Ensures you have current, accurate and complete property data.

  3. Ensures professional data sharing and cooperative behaviors.

If you have any questions about MLS rules, please contact the NorthstarMLS® Rules Department at 651-251-3210.

Easy Compliance!
If all agents comply with these 4 simple rules, nearly half of NorthstarMLS® Compliance Notices and Fines would disappear:

  1. Enter a listing within 2 business days of the listing contract effective date;

  2. Enter a photo within 2 business days of entering the listing;

  3. Ensure all public fields and supplements are free from agent and 3rd party promotion;

  4. Update pending listings within 2 business days after the closing or when the closing is postponed.