Virtual Tour Requirements

The only Web link you may include with a listing is for an unbranded virtual tour. The tour may not link out to any other site. No other links to any other Web site will be accepted in any field, including Media Uploads, Public Remarks and Agent Remarks.

The RMLS Board of Directors approved this rule in response to the continually increasing links to advertising and promotional information, whether it is for the listing agent, listing office or a third party. Because of the nature of the Web, it can be very difficult to determine whether your link is a problem in this manner, even if it is a site with otherwise helpful information to potential buyers.

As an alternative to linking out to the Web, we ask that you take advantage of other types of media uploads, such as plain text files and rich text files (both of which can be created in Microsoft® Word) and Adobe PDF files. For example if there is Association information you want to include, copy and paste the relevant information into a text file to upload as a supplement, rather than linking to the entire Association site which may contain unacceptable promotional information.

NorthstarMLS will issue a $100 fine for the violation, $500 for a second violation and then doubled for each subsequent violation up to a maximum fine of $2,000.