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The Value of the MLS

The MLS is a community of real estate professionals that work together to make real estate transactions happen, using shared information and rules to which they all agree. Working in real estate is rewarding, but also demanding. You will worry about deals, clients, deadlines and an abundance of other details. The MLS exists so you don’t have to worry about being able to meet the needs of buyers and sellers for professional quality data and the power of cooperation across a network of thousands of agents. In important ways, the MLS makes the real estate market work.


We safeguard market information so you can do your job confidently. You can count on the data within the MLS being reliable and timely; you can count on the rules guiding participation, cooperation, and compensation being enforced. 

NorthstarMLS provides you with confidence that your real estate transactions will be handled with professionalism and care.                          


We create connections between professionals with properties to sell and those with clients who may buy them. You will always be plugged in as a NorthstarMLS subscriber!

When a seller lists with you, both you and they will know that their listing will be placed in front of nearly every real estate professional currently working with active buyers. Similarly, buyers know they will always have access to the most current and reliable picture of available properties and have assurances that agents representing sellers will work with you.


The MLS is a dynamic community of professionals who work together on agreed upon terms. The magic
of the MLS lies in competitors working together to create an efficient marketplace. 

The subscribers of NorthstarMLS generated $22.6 billion in property sales last year - a remarkable achievement. These transactions happened faster, with more clarity and less conflict, because of the MLS system of which you are now a part.

Every day, NorthstarMLS helps make the market work in ways big and small. Take a few minutes to see how some of your colleagues view the value of the MLS.