Advertising Listings

Can I advertise another agent’s listing?
No. As a NorthstarMLS participant, you are able to share MLS listing information with customers, but you may not advertise or “share” another agent’s listing without explicit permission from the listing broker. If it’s not your listing, you cannot post it to social media or Craigslist, or include it in a flyer, newsletter, email or any other advertising avenue without permission. Remember that another broker has a contract that provides exclusive right to sell that property, and your participation in the MLS does not entitle you to infringe on that contract by advertising the property.

What about Broker ReciprocitySM?
Broker ReciprocitySM (BR) is a system where brokers give each other permission to advertise active listings on each other's websites. The website must be registered with NorthstarMLS and comply with explicit display rules.
The BR listing database may be displayed only on the approved broker or agent website complying with display rules. The listings may not be displayed on social media or other third party websites.

You may post your own listings on social media or advertising sites as long as you comply with advertising law, your broker’s advertising policy, and customer preferences (including their preferences regarding allowing consumer comments and auto-valuations).