To have a Broker Reciprocity web site:

  • The agent’s brokerage firm must be contributing its listings to the program.
  • The agent’s broker must be willing to sign the BR contract (because Broker Reciprocity is a broker program and the broker is responsible for any and all Web sites displaying MLS data). The BR contract is called the MLS Participant Data Access Agreement and can be found starting on page 17 of the BR Information and Technical Agreement.
  • The agent may “co-brand” the web site so that it shares branding with the broker. (See below for details.)
  • The agent must have the brokerage’s permission to frame its web site.
  • The agent’s web site must retain the brokerage’s branding at all times. This will frequently mean the brokerage’s banner appears at the top of every page. The brokerage’s branding must be equal to or larger than the agent’s branding.

If you have questions about how Broker Reciprocity web sites work, please contact NorthstarMLS at 651-251-5456.

A Related Question
Some brokers and/or agents want to put up complete, searchable copies of the MLS database on their own websites without working under Broker Reciprocity. This is possible, under the following very strict rules.

Rules governing Web sites of this type are possible but must comply with all NorthstarMLS Rules and Regulations. Displaying any MLS data on an Internet Web site must comply with the existing MLS rules and regulations. If the Web site is not a broker reciprocity site, one of the following must be true:

  • The site displays only the properties listed with the site-owning broker; OR
  • The site-owning broker has obtained, in writing, permission from each listing broker to include property data for display; OR
  • The Web site is providing online brokerage services. If this is the option describing the type of Web site a broker wishes to build, please contact Regional MLS to learn about the rules governing these sites, including the Commerce Department Agency Disclosure statement.

If you have any questions, please contact RMLS at 651-251-5456.

The Broker Reciprocity trademark and logo are service marks of NorthstarMLS and may not be used without their permission.