Parking Fields Subcommittee Review and Implementation
January 2013
Problem Discussed: Some Condo listings want to count Garage Stalls that are not included in the Sale Price. Some of those stalls may be available to lease for an additional fee. NorthstarMLS requires accurate data for both buyers and sellers, and only those garage stalls and additional parking spaces that are included in the sales price or association fee can be including the garage stalls and additional parking counts.

Agents are concerned some listings may be disadvantaged because selling agents will search on Garage Stalls and not find their properties, even though the buyer may be perfectly willing to pay the extra for leased parking.

To address the concern, the following changes were made:

Association Fee Includes Field—Add two additional options:

  • Parking Space
  • Valet Parking

If a space is included as part of the association fee, it’s important that the List Agent ensure the space/service is available to the buyer included in the stated Association Fee and not just “if space available at closing.” If it turned out in fact not to be available, inaccurate information was provided.

Parking Characteristics—Add three additional options:

  • More Pkg Avail Onsite for Fee
  • More Pkg Avail Offsite for Fee
  • Valet Pkg Avail for Fee
  • Remove the “Fee” option from the field for new listings (must remain for existing listings)
  • Any descriptions of additional parking not included in the sales price or association fee must continue to be put in Remarks or supplements.
  • Current violations with inaccurate Garage Stalls field to be enforced for all Active listings and listings off market one year or less.