What’s New in NorthstarMLS Matrix?

Starting Thursday, June 6, we have some great enhancements for NorthstarMLS Matrix. Check out some of the improvements below and watch our video to see what's new!


Drag & Drop Search Results

A new and long awaited feature in the search results screens allows users to manually reorder rows using drag & drop. A Drag & Drop handle icon in the left-most column of display grids. Click and hold on this icon, then drag the highlighted row to desired location, then release. Printed reports, Emails and Exports will use the manually sorted order.

Listing Cart

Multiple carts can now be created for each member and contacts. To create a new cart for a contact, simply select the New Carts button and type a Cart Name (required) then select the Contact from the pick list, or create a new contact. A new Cart management screen is available under My Matrix that allows users to quickly search/filter carts, view carts contents, rename and delete carts.

Client Portal

When a contact views the search results in their Client Portal on a mobile device for the first time, the results will default to LIST view instead of MAP view providing a better viewing experience on smaller screens. Tablet devices with larger screens will initially default to MAP view. Whatever view the user selects becomes the default view on that device.

Search Results will now display listings in the same sequence as the MLS#s are entered in the Speed Bar. This feature only applies to MLS# searches entered using the Speed Bar.

Speed Bar

You now have the option to print Listing Notes from you client when you print listings viewed as the client.

Print List Notes