Mission Statement

The function of NorthstarMLS® is to provide to the shareholder and customer associations a basic core of MLS services that are dependable, efficient, and cost-effective and to encourage vendors to introduce into the NorthstarMLS marketplace optional products that REALTORS® may choose to purchase.

Activities that support NorthstarMLS’s mission. NorthstarMLS will:

  • Consult with shareholder and customer associations about developments and plans, giving significant consideration to the associations’ business needs and the business needs of REALTORS®;
  • Investigate current and horizon technologies to estimate their impact on the real estate industry;
  • Assist vendors who are introducing and marketing optional solutions on a pay-as-you-use basis for REALTORS®;
  • Propose consistent solutions to common problems experienced by the associations in operating their MLS services (the associations will determine in each case whether to adopt such solutions);
  • Communicate frequently the status and progress of all of the above activities to the staff and leadership of the associations.