Click here for an important notice on bonus offers

All listings on NorthstarMLS® contain an offer of compensation stated either as a percentage of the gross selling price or a flat dollar amount. We support the National Association of REALTORS® position that any comments describing the compensation in any other manner should not be placed on the MLS. Common examples of these comments include:

“Commission not paid on seller concessions.” and “Commission based on net.”

There is nothing to prevent these kinds of changes to the compensation being negotiated between the parties before an agreement is reached. However, the listing broker may not require (through statement on the MLS) the cooperating broker to accept a commission based on the net sales price (or other deviations from the rule). Compensation offered strictly according to the rule of flat dollar amount or percent of gross selling price is essential to preserve the contractual relationship between brokers that is created by participation in the MLS.

If you have commission-related comments in your listings similar to the examples above, please take a moment to remove them. Starting next week, NorthstarMLS will send “Notices to Correct” to agents with these comments in their listings. There will be no fine as long as the comments are removed within 48 hours of the notice being sent.

If you have any questions or are not sure whether a particular comment is allowed, contact our Rules & Regulations department at 651-251-3200 or email us at For more information on the rules regarding offer of compensation, see section 6.1 of the RMLS Rules and Regulations.