Access to NorthstarMLS® Data

Does your company have a product or service you want to offer to our brokers and agents that requires access and use of NorthstarMLS® data? NorthstarMLS may provide MLS data to contractors and third parties for redistributing the data (or products and services derived from it) to NorthstarMLS Participants and Subscribers only. Any other use is prohibited, and access is always subject to the rules (see Data Access Policy (pdf) for more information).

To receive access to NorthstarMLS data via RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard), complete the RETS Access Agreement (pdf) and submit it to NorthstarMLS for approval. Pay special attention to thorough completion of Exhibit D, Detailed Description of Developer Product or approval could be delayed. Upon receipt, NorthstarMLS will review the planned use of the data and approve or deny access.

Upon approval of the RETS Access Agreement and receipt of the development fee of $1000, NorthstarMLS will provide a login and password for access to the RETS server along with documentation on the data file structure and information on performing queries. When the data is ready to be used in production, the start up fee of $500 will be assessed along with the monthly access fee, billed quarterly. The monthly access fee is based on the number of customers using the data.

Send the completed RETS Access Agreement to:

Michael Bisping
Director, Customer Relations
2550 University Avenue W, Ste 259S
St. Paul, MN 55114

Direct questions to or 651-251-3208.