Broker Reciprocity (IDX)

Broker Reciprocity (IDX)

What is Broker Reciprocity?

Requirements for Agent Sites to Have Broker Reciprocity

What Questions Should I Ask a Web Site Vendor?

How to add Broker Reciprocity (IDX) to your website
  1. Choose a vendor. Click here to review a list of current vendors.
  2. The vendor, broker and agent complete the Participant Data Access Agreement specifying the website that will display the listings:

 adobePDF Participant Data Access Agreement (pdf)

Send the completed agreement to

  1. NorthstarMLS will provide the vendor approval to display the listings on the specific website domain.
What governs how I display Broker Reciprocity listings?
  1. Broker Reciprocity Information and Policy Requirements  adobePDF BR Info & Requirements (pdf)
  2. NorthstarMLS Rules and Regulations (Rules 12-14 address Broker Reciprocity and VOWs)
  3. Download Broker Reciprocity logos
  4. Download the required consumer End User License Agreement
Fees Applicable to IDX/VOW vendors

NEW IDX and VOW vendors are assessed a one-time development fee of $1,000 for a new account and a one-time startup fee of $500. The development fee must be paid prior to data access, and the startup fee must be paid at the time the site goes live. These fees are for new vendors or vendors returning after a period of inactivity. The development fee and startup fee are not assessed when an active vendor adds additional customers.

Monthly access fees are charged to the vendor based on the number of customers utilizing the BR data:

  • 1-9 users              $20 per month per user
  • 10-100 users       $200 monthly flat fee
  • 101+ users           $300 monthly flat fee